Core textbook:

General Issues in Language Learning and Language Teaching
(HCMC University of Education – Dept. of English)


  1. BROWN, H. D. (1994 ). Teaching by Principles. Prentice Hall Regent
  2. ELLIS, R.(1998) Second Language Acquisition. OUP.
  3. FREEMAN, D. L. (2000) Techniques & Principles in Language Teaching. OUP.
  4. HARMER, J. (2002 ) The Practice of English Language Teaching. Longman.
  5. HUTCHINSON, T& WATERS,A (1996) English for Specific Purposes. CUP
  6. LIGHTBROWN, P.M & SPADA, N (1999) How Languages are Learned. OUP
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You should bring the following devices to all class sessions to make the most of our multimedia resources:
  1. USB drives
  2. Earphones

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