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Field Trip 3

The course aims to strengthen knowledge on tour guide profession and allow students to practice to be an international tour guide (inbound and outbound tour guides). The course helps to enhance the leaners’ ability to work with tourists, drivers, hotels, restaurants, travel agents and airlines, to present effectively, to handle situations such as emergencies on the tour and to contact the local embassy when necessary. The course also helps students to watch and go through the process of C.I.Q procedures (Customs, Inspection & Quarantine), apply cheerleading skills when travelling on vehicles, teambuilding skills, skills to organize game on stage. The course gives chances for students to make presentation on various themes and selects the professional guiding language. The course uses a long field trips to enlarge students’ knowledge background, to allow students to be aware of the actual state of Vietnam’s heritages and get access to searching information applicable to field trips in the country and abroad.

Contemporary Issues in hospitality industry - Fabio

Hospitality is a very dynamic and fast-paced industry. It is constantly changing and influenced by external factors such as the global trends and changes in consumer knowledge, tastes, preference for types of services. This course will allow students to analyze current, up-to-date issues which affect the management practices within the hospitality industry. By the end of this course, students are able to express their opinions on many contemporary issues, evaluating the implications for hospitality industry and identifying possible solutions through discussion and case studies. 

Teacher: Fasolo Fabio