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Managerial Skills & leadership in hospitality management

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This online course is designed to help you continue our lesson on Managerial skills & leadership in hospitality management.
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Human Resources Management

This course provides the students with the basic knowledge of Human Resources Management (HRM). The course is delivered with a combination of the explanation of theories and group discussion of case studies and conducting of group projects.

Front Office Management-Nguyen Thien Truong-Elearning Sample


This subject introduces students the knowledge of front office department’s activities and hotel operation. Students should be able to have a good understanding of the procedures of welcoming guest, booking via various channels, checking-in and settling guest’s bills. Moreover, students are able to learn effective customer service, database analysis, market segmentation, business plan, operation evaluation and handling customer complaints as well as staff management.  
This subject will be taught in between theory and case studies analysis. 

Introduction to Event Management - DL302DE02 - HONG HA

The course introduces the concept of event industry and its growing importance in the tourism industry. Students will study the main principles and gradually implement the event management, conference, workshop...through the concept, planning, marketing... application in the event management of tourism and hospitality.

Event management is also a practical application of project management in the creation and development of the Festival and events. Event management involves the complex investigation of trademark, indentifying target audiences, planning for an event, logistics planning and coordinate the tech aspects before actually implement the modalities of event came up.