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ELT Pre-MA - Intro to English teaching & learning

This introductory training course for the ELT strand aims to equip English language teachers-to-be with fundamental knowledge and skills in the field of English teaching and learning. It provides essential background issues in ELT including theories of second language learning, and different teaching methods. It also develops students’ knowledge and skills in understanding learners, managing classes and giving feedback. This course is a pre-requisite for most of the subsequent ELT courses.

English Teaching Methodology 2018 (ELT1)

English Teaching Methodology (ELT1) is an introduction to the most commonly taught language teaching methods including Grammar-Translation, AudioLingual, Direct Method and Communicative Language Teaching. The course also covers other topics relevant to language teaching like Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Constructivism, the Affective Factors and Language Acquisition. Evaluating textbooks and designing language tests are also discussed in this course.

Educational Psychology - Bien Thi Thanh Mai

This course provides theoretical knowledge as well as practical strategies on educational psychology that prospective teachers will need to become effective instructors. Various theories of development, teaching, and learning such as human development, cognitive and behavioral development, learner differences, information processing, and learning environments are presented with clear examples and illustrations. Upon building up their understanding of these psychological concepts and principles, the course helps students to make relevant connection between the theories learnt and typical educational situations they will deal with later in their own teaching practice.