1. DM is suitable for private language schools where students were highly motivated and where native speaking teachers could be employed.
  2. The method provides an interesting and exciting ways of learning English through activities.
  3. DM is successful in developing the skill of listening and speaking in very young children in elementary schools because they have great ability to mimic.


  1. Students have to pay high prices for small classes, individual attention and intensive study.
  2. DM is not suitable for public education with constrain of budget, classroom size and teacher background.
  3. It demands tremendously on the teacher. He should be fluent in L2 and very resourceful in order to make the meaning clear in a variety of ways without using L1.
  4. There is not sufficient provision for systematic practice of structures in a planned sequence.
  5. Only highly intelligent students can profit from this method. Less talented ones can not make a direct association between foreign phrases and situations.
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