Part 4: Discussion of Personal Abstract Ideas

In part 4 you will see an image, but the trick is that you will not be asked to describe this picture. The picture is only used as a visual clue to help you draw upon your own experiences. You will have one minute to prepare  and two minutes to respond
In part 4 you will be shown an image, and presented with three points to discuss. You will have one minute to prepare, and you can make notes. Look at the example below and the notes that someone has made.
Question 1: Personal Experiences/ Recall: Tell me about a time…
Question 2: Emotional Response/Feelings/Opinion:  How did you feel about …./ How does this____ make you feel  / Explain why you…….
Question 3: Speculation/ Opinion: Why do you think…

Example Question:

Tell me about a personal achievement or award you have received.

How did you feel about this achievement?

Do awards encourage people to do their best?

You have 1 minute to prepare before you answer the question take full advantage by taking some quick notes for each question 

Example Notes:


Award/Achievements – I have a Bachelor’s degree/ I received the second highest GPA in my class/I ran a marathon last month

Feelings- proud – useful to community/ accomplished (a goal)/ I am able to provide for myself/I have a career that I enjoy/ My family and friends respect.

Encouraging- Yes. Helps when motivation is low/  Helps me stay discipline to complete goals. If I don’t win or achieve a goal the hard work is satisfaction. E.g. completed the marathon – improved my English abilities.


 Note: Don’t worry about full sentences- you don’t have time. Just write down some key points to help you structure your answer and remember ideas/ vocabulary.

Quick thinking is essential in the preparation for part 4.

Prepare for 1 minute (use a stopwatch) and then keep speaking for 2 minutes.

Structuring your answer – (Beginning/middle/end) and make sure  it cover all of the questions in the same order they were asked.

Choose a range of vocabulary  and keep it appropriate to the task

Fluency –  speaking without too many pauses

Accuracy  – Try not to make too many mistakes.

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