Video presentation: Course wrap-up and reflection

Video presentation: Course wrap-up and reflection

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We are reaching the end of the course and a video reflection is very useful.

Please use your smartphone or laptop's webcam or your camera to do a video presentation of LESS THAN 3 minutes. Then, upload the video to YouTube and embed the video in this forum.

In the video, I want you to talk about these things:

1. What are 3 important things you have learnt from this course?

2. What are 2 things you want to learn more?

3. Leave 1 message to the whole class  or the instructor.

Technical help:

- Click on Reply to this forum. Click on the "Insert Moodle media button". Then, choose, "Find or upload a sound, video or applet.."

- Select YouTube videos and search the name of the video you uploaded. Insert the video to the forum. Your video presentation should now be embedded.


- Please dress formally and mind your background.

- Avoid strong lighting in the background as it returns very poor video quality.