Introduce yourselves in a new voice

Assume a different role to talk about yourselves. That can be your computer, backpack, watch, pet, lover, mother, father, teacher ... speaking about you. Try to begin with a well-titled post.

When you have done your introduction, comment at least 2 other introductions.

Example 1:

Meow meow, I'm a cat, Mimi. My owner is Hny ( PhamNgocBaoTram). I like her because she like me- a cat . She like sleeping and me too. I like to sleep with her everyday. Sometimes she is so lazy, she does not do homework, housework but she just want to play with me, sleep with me and watch TV with me. Sometimes, she works so hard even she forget to play with me, so I like to lie on her table to hope she have a look at me when her working . She like to do everything near the dead-line, under pressure and in a short time. She is so friendly. I usually watching her chat or talking with her friends. ). There are more interesting things about my owner, make friend with her and you will see!!! I bet!!! moew moew.

Example 2:

U..u.. hi everyone!

I'm not human, 
but I can say,
n' understand human language.

I'm living with a person,
a student to be exact.
His name is Cong Thanh,
means Sucess in Eng.

He is not lazy,
n' also not hard-working.
The imp. thing is that,
he's still healthy,
happy n' free ^.^

I'm his mobile phone.

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