Mid-test writing - Code 1 (5 marks)

  • Word limit in total is 400 words. 
  • You have got 35 minutes to do this test. 
  • Write your answers in the text box. You cannot submit attached file.
  • Do not copy the whole part/ one part of this article to submit, you will get 0 marks
  • Cheating is not allowed.
  • Vietnamese is not allowed.

Question 1.  (2 marks) Overview the M&A in Vietnam in recent years (around 5 years)

Read the link  below and answer the questions:


Question 2. (2 marks) What was the rationale behind the restructuring initiatives of large multinational corporations (MNCs) in the consumer electronics industry?

Question 3.  (1 mark) What were the consequences of the frequent restructuring (often accompanied by changes in top management) of large MNCs?