Part 3 (Describe Compare & Contrast) Speculate and Choose.

3 questions. 45 seconds each.
Question One: Describe (Expressions from Part Two) , compare and contrast. 
Question Two: Speculate about these two situations/pictures 
Question Three: Choose one of the images or situations

 Question 1

Describing  two pictures: In the first picture, I can see… / In the other picture, there are/is…../ Looking at the (fist/second) picture I can see…/ Which may show…/ (They/He/She/) may be (verb+ing)..

Structures  and vocabulary for comparing and contrasting two photographs

Things in common: Both pictures show/have  /  I think they both are (in/on/of..) / There is/are(_____) in both pictures… /Similarly in the second picture, the first picture has…

Contrasting the pictures: There are several differences. / In the top picture is(____) whereas, in the bottom picture.. /In the picture on the right whereas , the picture on the left../ The picture of(___)is… / It looks like../ However, the picture of(___) looks like…/ They look like..

Highlighting  differences: The main difference between the pictures is…. / The main focus of the (first/top/L/R))picture is (_____)whereas.. /After looking at these images , the biggest difference is ….

Adding ideas: In addition… / What’s more…. / One more thing…

 Example Answer:

 Both pictures show people at work. There are computers in both pictures. However, there are several important differences. In the top picture or the picture on the (L/R) the man looks quite stressed. I think she is probably a manager or a boss, whereas, in the bottom picture the man looks very relaxed. He probably works as an Artist or  in a museum . The woman might be preparing  for a deal or a stressful decision. However, the picture of the man looks like and nice peaceful environment,  but the woman looks like  her workplace is a crowded stressful place to work………..

Question 2

Structures and vocabulary for speculating and choosing

Speculating :

I imagine it would be….(adjective)/ I would find it… (adjective) / It might be nice to.. / I could see myself…./ Perhaps it would be / I suppose … /I guess it would be nice to..

Question 3

Choosing one image / situation : I would choose the top/ bottom situation/ image because…/ I think I’d  prefer to… (verb) because… / I think I’d prefer to (verb) because…..  /I would definitely choose to…. /  It would probably be better to… because…./ I doubt I would like to _____in picture (1/2) but I would prefer to)_____in picture (1/2)/ In my opinion (1/2) would be better. because..

 Extending your answer 

If you have more time try using the following:

Adding more information:  Another important point to make is/ thing to say is…

Disagreeing with yourself : On the other hand, sometimes I think that…/

Then again, it’s also true that….. /Then again, it’s also true that….

Giving a conclusion:  So in conclusion, I would say… / So it has to be a balance…/It all depends on…

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