Ethics in Tour Guiding_1402_2131 - Le Hoang Phuong Linh

Ethics in Tour Guiding

In tourism activities, the role of tour guide is essential. That is the "cultural ambassadors" in the eyes of tourists and foreigners. Tour guide is the organization representative during the trip, working directly with tourists away from the office. Activities of the guides greatly influence and imprint the knowledge and images of the country’s people, customs, traditions and culture. Tour guiding is considered a special type of profession required qualities and ethical issues to fulfill the program/the contract of the company to the tourists. Tour guide should possess good professional skills and qualifications, both to overcome negative psychology, challenges and difficulties during the trip. The subject is to define and study basic qualities and ethical issues of the guides to provide a basis for the recruitment, training, retraining, encouraging and controling of the tour guide resources. As without those qualities the job performance of tour guides will be limited; the tourist products that the company create and try to bring to tourist fail along the way. In practice, a qualified tour guide can fix a imperfect product or missing operation service, or even helps to enhance the value of the product to a great extent.

Other issues mentioned in the subject is also the ethical and polite manners necessary for tour guides in receiving and to creating comfort to tourists.