EIC 2_3500_Darren_19.1A

After this course, students’ English competence will be at CEFR A2 - B1 as follows:


Can understand detail in conversations about personal information and everyday life, understand key words and phrases and follow the main points in descriptions, messages, instructions, discussions, and short radio news items, and interviews.


Can identify topics and have conversations on everyday topics, ask for and give information, respond to suggestions, use sentences to talk about people and jobs, and tell a story, describe their environment and make comparisons, give their opinion, reasons and explanations.


Can understand detail in short texts about everyday and job-related topics, find specific information in job advertisements, TV guides, and emails, follow the main points in tourist guides, brochures, and instructions, understand some new words in magazine articles.


Can write sentences with coordinating conjunctions: and, but, so about people and their jobs, their schedule, how to make a kind of food, things tourists can see and do in a city and a job or hobby.