Service Marketing - Gv: Nguyễn Phương Liên


The fundamental of the course “Services Marketing” is to recognize that services present special challenges inherently different from physical products and that must be identified and addressed. This course provides strategies, frameworks, and tools to understand and address these challenges.

The course explores the nature of the modern service economy more deeply and covers B2B services, outsourcing, and offshoring provides the methods to understand service consumers and measure customer loyalty, introduces the 5W model to communicate effectively and efficiently with consumers. It also provides students with the tools for designing service processes, managing people for service advantage, as well as improving service quality and productivity.

The course ends up featuring an auditing tool to assess the service level of an organization. It emphasizes the impact of customer satisfaction on long-term profitability.
To keep students updated with the latest technology applied in the service industry, the sections applications of the technology are integrated throughout the text, ranging from apps, M-commerce, and social networks, to robots, artificial intelligence, and biometrics.

Students will both study and discuss the contents of the textbook and apply their understandings in resolving case studies assigned by the lecturer.