English Listening & Speaking 1-4198-2031

A low-intermediate to intermediate course of listening and speaking skills, CEFR A2-B1

The course teaches English language skills and academic literacy to English-majored students as the first of the three-levelled courses, followed by Listening and speaking 2 and Listening and speaking 3. Students will learn basic and foremost language skills in order to deal with quite familiar personal interactions and conversations of familiar or general topics of interest.

Academic skills for giving short but organised presentations are also featured in the course. Listening practices for main ideas and details (such as listening to lectures, talks or conversations, and presentations) emerge with realistic situations where students will learn how vocabulary and language expressions are used in real contexts. Speaking practices will include skills for describing things and people, expressing opinions, speaking from notes, and other common skills for conversations and discussions.

Students will also be familiarised with useful critical thinking skills, through listening and speaking practices, such as making inferences, judging appropriateness, evaluating options, supporting an arguments, to name but few.

Teacher: Jordan Paul