Interactive English Level 4 - Nguyen Duong Binh

Interactive English - Level 4

1. Course Objectives: 

- Equip students with the tools they need:
Grammar + Vocabulary + Pronunciation = confident speaking

- Develop students’ four language skills focusing on listening and speaking skills and basic communication skills in everyday situations.

2. Course book: English File - Pre Intermediate 3rd Edition

- Student's Book: Units 7 - 12

- Workbook: Units 7 - 12

- Extra course materials: English Pronunciation In Use Elementary (Cambridge)

3. Learning Outcomes:

a. Grammar:   - Have clear and memorable presentations of new structures.

                          - Have plenty of regular and varied practice in useful and natural contexts.

b. Vocabulary: - Expand their knowledge of high-frequency words and phrases rapidly.
                           - Use new vocabulary in personalized contexts.

c. Pronunciation: - Have a solid foundation in the sounds of English.

                               - Have targeted pronunciation development.

                               - See where there are rules and patterns.